‘’Sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.’’ (Oxford, 2016)

It is useful to know how to set up a PA system. A PA system usually consists of a set of speakers, a source of sound and a mixing desk.

To set it up, you must:

  1. Place the speaker onto a stand and tighten the screw. (Figure 1)
  2. Connect the speaker to the mixing desk using leads, making sure that the power remains OFF.
  3. Connect a source of sound (microphone) to the mixing desk. (Figure 2)
  4. Turn on the mixing desk first, and then the speakers to use the system.
  5. When turning the system off, do the exact same, but in reverse order.

(Figure 1. Anon, 2016)


(Figure 2. Woodward, 2016)

For more information on how to set up a PA system, watch this video.

When working with a band or performer, they should usually supply you with a technical specification (or tech spec). It is… ‘’a document outlining all the necessary technical information of a facility or band.’’ (Audio, 2010) This informs the venue technicians of what they are setting up.

For information on how to fill one out, click here.


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Figure 2. Woodward, Jack, 2016.

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